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Yearly Event Schedule 

open to boarders and students only

Yearly events include:

Monthly Working Equitation Classes on Ease of Handling Phase

A minimum of 3 In House Working Equitation Shows, offering all 3 Phases (Dressage, Ease of Handling and Speed)

Twice a year, shot clinics and teeth float clinics are offered by Dr. Bridges for all boarders, usually in April and October

3 Summer camps for children, Mondays through Fridays, usually from 8 am to noon, with a show off day for parents on Fridays, followed by a potluck for all

Another in house Halloween Show for all boarders and students, in costumes

Christmas Drill team practices starts as soon as beginning of November

Yearly Christmas Event, usually last Sunday before Christmas. This is where our Drill team gets to shine and afterwards we all share a good time over a potluck

At times, we may have some potluck events just for fun, to enjoy our wonderful camaraderie as a barn community

Of course, lessons are offered year around, private, semi-private, longe line lessons and group lessons for Working Equitation Classes. 

Call to inquire for more details and dates. 

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