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European Riding Academy was established by Dagmar (Hoffmann) Realini in 2002, certified as FN Bereiter in 1990 (Certified Riding Instructor and Horse Trainer), with a goal of helping horse and rider to achieve a true connection and harmony through a correct and balanced approach to training. 


Dagmar seeks to pass along the wisdom she's gained from years of experience working her way through the classic and intensive European horse training system, where she was taught how to give riding lessons and train young horses.


Her ultimate goal is to help her riding students to truly connect with the movement of their horses, reaching a place where riding becomes an effortless and joyful experience. With horses, Dagmar aims to assist the horse in achieving movement, balance, self carriage and connection that is correct and true, moving the horse through the levels in a way that is appropriate for the horse, following the classical training pyramid.


Dagmar's approach is grounded in four core values: Harmony, Honesty, Humility, and Humor. Because of this, her riding students excel in the informative and detailed, yet relaxed method of training.


Dagmar now focuses on teaching. At times, that may entail going back to the basics, yes, back on that longe line for seat corrections to fill a hole in the training. Without the basics firmly in place, for both, horse and rider, advancing past the 2nd level is extremely difficult. Riding Instructions are always informative and constructive. 


Her newest adventure is "Working Equitation", which combines dressage, a mastery of obstacles and a speed phase. This is a fun and enjoyable way to develop great skills for riders and horses alike. A fast growing discipline in the United States, originated in Portugal offering a fun opportunity to advance horse and rider making hard work seem like fun. If done correctly, it also follows the principal of classical training, for both, horse and rider. 

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